Earlier this week, we reported that Jenelle Evans was visited by Child Protective Services, a bombshell that surprised exactly no one.

Baby daddy Nathan Griffith called the agency to report that Jenelle had taken their son, Kaiser, out of the country without consent.

It turned out that Nathan was way off base, albeit justified in his initial concern over his only child with the Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Kaiser was actually fine, and staying with a friend of Jenelle’s while she and new boyfriend David Eason were on vacation in St. Thomas.

Still, it was pretty irresponsible of the Carolina Hurricane to leave the country without telling Nathan where his kid would be staying.

That may be why, according to insiders quoted by Radar Online, Jenelle was visited by CPS again just a few days ago.

“CPS went by and met Jenelle and her boyfriend David after they got back from vacation,” says one source. “It happened on Tuesday.”

“They saw Kaiser. The CPS lady told Jenelle and David that she thinks everything is okay and that Kaiser is perfectly fine.”

The insider says Griffith was never really concerned for his son’s safety, but only filed his complaint to make life difficult for Jenelle.

“Nathan really bothers Jenelle,” the source claims.

“He tried to ruin her trip, but it didn’t work!”

Sounds like the already-contentious custody battle between Griffith and Evans is only gonna get uglier from here!