All eyes are on Lamar Odom.

First, the Kardashians secretly filmed Lamar while he has been recovering in a Nevada hospital from a nearly fatal overdose.  Of course, the fame-hungry Kardashian klan has plans to feature Odom on a Keeping Up With the Kardashians special episode about Lamar.

As if the whole world watching him recover (potentially even on a reality show) from a drug overdose wasn’t enough, legal authorities also have their sights on the basketball star.

According to TMZ, prosecutors may file cocaine possession charges against Odom.

However, pressing charges could be complicated because it would be the D.A.’s first time doing so.

Nye County D.A. Angela Bello claims that her office is considering filing criminal charges against Odom. The charges could be either possession of cocaine or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

But according to TMZ, there is no record of any case in Nye County where an individual overdosed and was later charged for drug possession.

An official from the Nye County Sheriff’s office told TMZ that law enforcement often refers overdose cases to the D.A.  But they usually aren’t prosecuted.

This is a big blow to Lamar as he is currently struggling to regain mobility.  Currently, Khloe Kardashian’s estranged husband cannot walk, and he has trouble speaking.

Sources claimed that the overdose caused significant damage to his cognitive function and that he may not even be able to stand trial if he is charged.

The D.A.’s rare move to press charges has left many wondering what the motive is.  Is it just because he is a celebrity?

A rep in the D.A.’s office stated, “He’s not being treated any differently because he’s a celebrity. He’s being treated just like any other Joe Schmo.”