The truth finally came out on Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 8. Sort of.

With colleagues wondering just what beef lay between Owen and Nathan, injured firefighters started to arrive as patients at Grey Sloanm including Owen’s mother Evelyn’s younger boyfriend, John.

Nathan, meanwhile, angered Meredith by pulling a spike out of John’s chest when she made it clear she wanted to wait for Maggie.

From there, Riggs got on Owen’s even worse side  by refusing to step away from the operating table while attempting to save John’s life.

With Nathan and Meredith blaming each other for John’s worsening condition, Owen refused to divulge anything to Amelia aside from saying he didn’t want Nathan near his family.

Once Nathan spotted Evelyn, however, she burst into tears and embraced her son’s nemesis.

After Meredith presumably learned the big secret from Evelyn (the latter asked Mer to close the door after she asked how worried she ought to be about Owen, so we didn’t hear their conversation), she still refused to say anything to Amelia.

Why was Meredith loyal to everyone except her own family?

This question set… Meredith… OFF.

“You are not my sister,” she said to Amelia. “Cristina is my sister. You are Derek’s sister, and Derek is gone.”

This fighting culminated in Amelia calling Meredith “hollow” in a way that would have “digested” Derek and in Meredith throwing Amelia out of her house.

Owen and Riggs then had a confrontation of their own, with the latter saying he just saw “Ma,” reminding Owen that his family is Nathan’s family, too… and then being on the receiving end of a punch from Owen.

Elsewhere, Jo took issue with how close Alex is to Meredith, actually breaking up with him later on… only to be stunned when Alex proposed! That was what he had been conspiring with Meredith earlier in the hour.

And Jo’s answer? Find out (presumably) when Grey’s Anatomy return on February 11, 2016. Gaaahh! Of course! Darn you, Shonda.

On a similar note, April and Jackson opened way up about their issues with each other, with their fight concluding when April challenged Jackson to dump her.

Only, again, we need to wait many months to learn the outcome here.

To close the episode, and this first half of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Amelia tumbled off the wagon and, back at the hospital, Meredith sat next to Owen and said: “You never told me you had a sister.”

So… Nathan was clearly married to the sister and something very bad happened to her.

Right? Right?!? You know when we’ll sadly find out the answer, right?

Sigh: On February 11, 2016.