It’s been two weeks since Scott Disick completed rehab, and sources say he and Kourtney Kardashian are on the verge of getting back together.

Disick has been sleeping at Kourtney’s house, but for now, they’re keeping things on a purely platonic basis, and Scott’s basically playing the role of live in babysitter – which allows Kourtney to go out and get hammered like she’s Scott Disick.

Yes, sources close to the famous family say Kourtney partied hard after attending the 2015 American Music Awards Sunday night.

So hard, in fact, that she was like a woman possessed, and the 36-year-old mother of three had to be escorted to her car. 

We don’t blame Kourtney for getting shwasted at the after-parties. After all, the woman has been through a lot in the past few months.

Over the past year, her life has been filled with major drama even by Kardashian standards, which is really saying something.

It was bad enough when Kourtney was dealing with a drunk, negligent baby daddy, but then she had to suffer the public embarrassment.

Learning that Disick cheated on her with Chloe Bartoli the same way the rest of the world found out – through the tabloids – must have stung.

Remarkably, she not only bounced back, but also forced Scott to sober up and get his act together. Not a small feat by any means there.

After all that, we’d say she’s earned a sloshed night out on the town. But hopefully she won’t be making a habit of it like her boozy boo.