Kendall Jenner spent Thanksgiving with her extended, blended family.

She then wore a black thong and dressed up as a shark. For real.

The unexpected photo opportunity took place courtesy of Love Magazine’s annual advent calendar, a couple of examples from which the publication has shared on Instagram.

They feature Kendall in black bottoms, matching sky-high heels and… well… like we said above: a shark costume.

A hammerhead shark costume, if we’re being totally accurate here.

“Love advent. Coming soon,” the magazine wrote as a caption, including with it three whale emojis.

Sharks, of course, have become all the rage in Hollywood over the past several months. 

And by that, we mean this is the second time in the past several months that a shark costume has made the news.

Remember that left shark who was all out of dancing whack during Katy Perry’s performance at halftime of the Super Bowl in February?

We’re trying to forget all about him as well.

But we have a feeling millions of young men around the world will remember these Kendall Jenner shark photos for a long time to come.

Relive Jenner’s Instagram evolution via the following photo gallery: