“Becoming chronically ill has definitely given me a greater understanding of human nature, and I’ve learned to accept people’s lack of long-term compassion for others while they live their busy lives.”

These are the words of a woman stricken with Lyme disease defending herself against the Hellcats of Beverly Hills.

Yolanda Foster had her work cut out for her on December 1st.  Season six of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered, and just a few hours before that, she and husband David Foster announced they were divorcing.

The latter has not yet been mentioned in Foster’s Bravo blog, which each Housewife is responsible for following every episode

However, the Dutch model was not going to sit idly by while others questioned her illness.

I have gone from being an outspoken multi-tasking social butterfly to a hostage of my debilitating disease,” Foster wrote, according to Radar Online.  

“I might only be a shell of the woman I used to be, but my heart is still the same, and even though I can only do life one day at a time, I am at peace and have surrendered to my new normal — for now.”

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were unsympathetic to Foster’s plight; when she showed up to Lisa Rinna’s dinner party, both women wondered why TF she didn’t put on some undereye concealer.

“Bless the hearts of my fellow Housewives!” Foster wrote.  “May neither they, nor their families, ever have to face such illness, because it is at that time when we learn and realize what really matters.

“Its’ almost like you have to show scars and broken bones in order to be warranted understanding.  Does it count that even though we don’t ‘look’ great, that we show up? It’s tempting to be distracted by negativity, but I choose to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel and not let anything interrupt my healing process.”

Welp.  I guess reality TV is now a medical witch hunt.  Who better than two washed-up actresses to investigate a diagnosis?

“I wish my message was more fun and glamorous than this, but I accept that these are the cards life has dealt me,” she added.

“I’m extremely fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to 11 countries, five states, and see 100+doctors, but the truth is that even though I have made great strides in the past six months, I have not found a cure yet.”