Chris Carney  – the musician and TV personality best known for fronting the rock band Prom Kings and starring in the MTV reality show twentyfourseven – has passed away at the age of 35.

Chris Carney, Tiffany Thornton

Carney was killed in a one-car accident that also claimed the life of his friend Ezekiel Blanton.

Early reports indicate that Blanton was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

Carney is survived by his wife Tiffany Thornton, who co-starred with Demi Lovato in the Disney Channel series Sonny With a Chance.

The couple had two children together.

Carney and Thornton – who married in 2011 – recently moved from Los Angeles to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Carney’s mother is mayor.

Thornton and Carney’s relationship made tabloid headlines over the past year, as the couple briefly separated, during which time Thornton publicly accused Carney of abducting the couple’s two children.

Carney announced on social media that he and Thornton had reconciled back in September.

A reformed troublemaker, Carney was arrested for DUI during his time on twentyfourseven, and his legal troubles were documented on the show.

Sources say Carney took the incident as a wake-up call and immediately changed his behavior.

He spent the final years of his life working as a probation officer in his native Hot Springs.