THIS JUST IN: Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant.

But that doesn’t mean the actress and husband Justin Theroux are not expecting a baby, according to the latest hilarious issue of Life & Style.

Fort he 26th time (seriously; see photo gallery below) in history, a tabloid has published a story that alleges Aniston is all set to become a mother.

This time, however, the story does not claim that Aniston is pregnant. Nor does it say that she is planning to adopt.

Instead, the former Friends star is apparently going the surrogate mother route.

“She and Justin are going to use his sperm and do in vitro fertilization with a surrogate,” an anonymous insider says.

“Jen’s already spoken to friends and contacted agencies about finding the perfect person to carry her and Justin’s baby.”

For the record, Life & Style also wrote that Aniston dumped Theroux back in September after just a few weeks of marriage.

And then there was In Touch Weekly, which reported in August that Aniston had adopted

In other words: magazines love to invent stories about Jennifer Aniston, such as how she eats dinner in the nude and sleeps in a separate room from her husband.

So you’ll forgive us if we don’t run out and purchase Jennifer and Justin a baby present.

We have been down this baby road before with her, after all…