One of the major celebrity feuds of 2015 involved the hit-making juggernaut Drake and the perennial up-and-comer Meek Mill, who’s currently most famous for possibly being engaged to Nicki Minaj and, well…fueding with Drake.

Even though Drake murdered Meek on back-to-back diss tracks (the latter of which was appropriately titled “Back to Back“), Meek continued to fire shots online.

The whole thing reached peak ridiculousness when Meek took to Twitter to tell a story about Drake getting peed on in a movie theater.

After that bizarre development, things died down a bit, but now sources say Drake is fired up again after hearing the disses on Meek’s latest mixtape.

“[Drake] feels that Meek should worry about making himself a success on his own merits instead of trying to diss him to make himself look good,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Talking a big game and doing varying diss tracks against Drake is only making Drake laugh about everything and he thinks all the stuff that Meek is doing and has been doing is all just lame threats.”

The insider adds that Drake has dismissed Meek as a “complete joke” in conversations with mutual acquaintances.

He reportedly made the comments knowing they would get back to Meek, but (for the time being, at least) Drake has no plans to respond to Meek in song form.

Sounds like Mr. Mill might have to find someone new to beef with if he wants to remain in the spotlight.