Old Navy is in trouble for a new line of controversial apparel.

The company is facing the ire of critics around the Internet after a Twitter user shared an image of a children’s T-Shirt that has an unusual message scrawled across the front.

The article of clothing displays the slogan “Young Aspiring Artist,” but the word “Artist” has been crossed out and replaced with the words “Astronaut” or “President.” 

Many are wondering why Old Navy has chosen to encourage kids to dream about the latter occupation at the expense of the former occupation.

We’re all for empowering young men and women. But is it not empowering to be an artist?

And, Earth to Old Navy… but did an artist not design these T-Shirts?!?

“Seen these new @OldNavy tops? I wonder if they realize that without artists, their company doesn’t, y’know…exist,” wrote one Twitter user who shared this same thought.

Another simply wrote: “Dear @OldNavy, we need aspiring Presidents, Astronauts AND Artists.”

Is this as of that infamous American Apparel vagina shirt?

Or that blood-covered Kent State sweatshirt?

Probably not. It’s really just weird more than anything else. It’s not funny or creative or inspiring. It’s just… weird.

Compare this controversial piece of clothing with many that have come before it now: