While some stars gush about how much they looooove working out (cough, Khloe Kardashian), Adele makes it abundantly clear how she feels about the gym in a new Instagram post: IT SUCKS.

And this is why we love her. The girl just gets us.

Adele appears to be in some serious pain while crying out on a weight machine – a sentiment I think we all can relate to.

Adele captioned her photo, “getting ready,” most likely referring to her upcoming 10-month tour of Europe and North America. 

I’m not, like, skipping to the f–king gym,” she told Rolling Stone when asked about her fitness regimen. “I don’t enjoy it.” 

The chart-topping singer reemerged on the scene last year to debut her long-awaited third album, and also a remarkably slimmed-down figure.

She confessed that one of the main reasons she decided to get healthy was not to be a size tiny, but to care for her award-winning voice after a vocal cord hemorrhage led to surgery in 2011.

The vocalist cut out alcohol, sugar, cigarettes and “swapped long boozy lunches with friends for tall smoothies and gym sessions,” according to Daily Life.

Farewell, youth.

Whatever she’s doing, it’s clearly working, because both her voice and her body are killing it.