If you know Taylor Swift, then you know about Taylor Swift’s squad.

Taylor’s ever-expanding chick clique is such a major part of her public image at this point that its been the subject of multiple SNL sketches, and now we may have our first insight as to how she chooses her new recruits.

Yes, today in “No doy!” news, Celebrity Dirty Laundry is reporting that Taylor only accepts “gorgeous, successful” people into her squad.

According to a squad source, who should probably go into hiding ASAP, Taylor has become “so huge she really believes she’s above average-looking people.”

In the sense that at six foot in heels, she’s literally above average people, we suppose that’s true. We’ll show ourselves out.

Anyway, the source goes on to say that Taylor collects supermodels and other pretty people so that they can serve as a sort of “beautiful wallpaper” when she walks the red carpet.

Now, there’s a status symbol. 

Every rapper with a hit single to his name has a Bentley, but who has living, leggy accessories to accompany them to events just so they can pose for better photos than anyone else.

Just Taylor, that’s who. We bet Katy Perry is totally friends with, like, ugly people and stuff.