Back in September, Farrah Abraham was one of the contestants on Celebrity Big Brother.  

For those tuning in to this season of Teen Mom OG, Abraham keeps talking about her “business trip” overseas, making it sound like she heading out of state to broker deals.

Not so much. 

She actually took part in a cheesy reality show that pitted her against model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, and things came to a blow when the two women filmed Celebrity Big Brother Bit on the Side.

Abraham was answering a question about anger management when Horgan-Wallace interrupted her.

“Hag, be quiet” Abraham said to the model.  “Hag, be quite.”

A fuming Horgan-Wallace then threw her champagne glass at Abraham, and the cameras immediately stopped rolling.

Chairs were thrown, someone was sent to the hospital, and a case was opened to investigate the champagne glass that started it all.

Now, the Crown Prosecution Service has issued a verdict on the investigation, according to the Daily Mirror, stating that there was not enough evidence to prosecute Horgan-Wallace.

The model then took to Twitter to celebrate, while simultaneously slamming Abraham (who retaliated):

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Takes a Twitter Swing at Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham Fights With Fellow 'CBB' Star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace
Farrah Abraham Fights With Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Before the fight broke out, Horgan-wallace was asked if she would miss Abraham in the Big Brother House.


“She was just horrible. She never took accountability for anything she did. She’s a silly little girl, it’s just pathetic. She’s just nasty.

It’s one thing standing up for yourself and being a strong woman and it’s one thing being a nasty horrible bitch, “Horgan-Wallace said as she sat directly across from Abraham.

“You’ve got your cheque, you’ve had your cheque now get on the plane and f*** off.”