There are a lot of crazy rumors going around these days about Taylor Swift.

For example, Selena Gomez claims she and her fellow singer often dine at Chili’s and… come on now. We’re just not buying it.

But even harder to believe is a new report in Star Magazine.

It alleges that the nice, pure, innocent and kind-hearted Taylor Swift that we see in public may not be so nice, pure, innocent and kind-hearted after all.

At least not on an airplane.

An anonymous insider tells the tabloid that Swift makes outrageous demands on most of her private job trips. To wit:

“She insists her napkins and forks are at perfect 90-degree angles, one inch from the plate.”

The magazine’s supposed source goes on to allege that Swift also makes extremely specific food requests in advance of her flight… only to then put the kitchen into a frenzy when she changes her mind after takeoff.

“Taylor seems to make demands just for the sake of it,” the tabloid writes.

We’d believe this sort of thing about Mariah Carey and other singers who make outrageous tour demands. But not our girl, Taylor.

Yes, certain points during last year’s record-breaking run for Swift, the backlash began. Not everyone out there loves Taylor Swift, we get that.

But it will take more than some anonymous quotes to get us to believe Taylor is anything like how she’s portrayed in this article.

Just look at her below, readers! She’s so darn cute!