Tila Tequila is in danger of losing her only child.

According to TMZ sources, baby daddy Thomas Whitaker is seeking full legal custody of one-year-old Isabella, asking a court to put him in charge all decisions concerning the little girl.

In documents obtained by the aforementioned site, Whitaker claims Tila has delusions of grandeur, such as believing she’s God.

Tequila has certainly posted her share of unusual thoughts, messages and photos over the years.

Most recently, Tila wrote about being an alien messiah.

This rant followed a diatribe in which Tequila said the Earth was flat.

There was also the time she drew a Hitler mustache on her baby daughter. That wasn’t cool at all.

Thomas says he and Tila do not have a formal custody arrangement at the moment.

He’s asking a judge to grant him child support, and also to change Isabella’s last name from Nguyen (Tila’s actual last name) to Whitaker.

Whitaker also wants to make it illegal for Tequila to drink within 24 hours of having Isabella in her custody and illegal for her to talk trash about him to their child.

This is merely a first step for Whitaker.

Ultimately, he confirms that wants physical custody of the infant as well because his daughter would just be safer in his care.