Super Bowl 50 sucked.

The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers by compiling under 200 yards of total offense and converting one third downs all game.

It was a sloppy, boring game that didn’t feature a touchdown from farther than two yards away.

But there were at least a few things that saved the Super Bowl, as an event, from being a total letdown.

And one of those things was Clete Blakeman.

The well-chiseled referee made a variety of calls on the field, but those were nothing compared to the phone calls going around from female viewer to another, each asking the same thing:

Who is Clete Blakeman? And is he single?!?

Speaking of hot men…


Sorry. But we’re a tad bit excited. And we think you will be, too, after seeing the Jason Bourne trailer that debuted during the big game:

Prior to kickoff, of course, Lady Gaga blew us away with a national anthem that actually had people comparing it to the iconic Whitney Houston version from 1991.

How could they?

This is how they could:

Gaga was not the only superstar to take to the stage, of course.

Halftime featured Chris Martin and Coldplay, but let’s be serious: it really featured Beyonce.

She was the real winner on Sunday, honoring Michael Jackson and the Black Panthers and putting all entertainers to shame:

Not that Bruno Mars couldn’t hold his own.

Did you ever think you’d see a Bruno Mars-Beyonce dance-off? Watch the Super Bowl 50 halftime performance below and be left in awe:

Finally, Mountain Dew gave viewers more nightmares than Von Miller gave Cam Newton, introducing the world to a puppy monkey baby for some reason.

We’ll never get this image out of our heads:

What was YOUR favorite Super Bowl 50 commercial and/or musical act? Weigh in below!