Ashley Benson is not one to shy away from controversy.

And we’re not even talking about the time she dressed up as Cecil the Lion.

But Benson has been very outspoken when it comes to the pressure Hollywood puts on young actresses, once taking her own network to task for Photoshopping a poster of her and her Pretty Little Liars co-stars.

Benson is now covering the latest issue of Health Magazine and opening up about what it’s like to be a young actress.

“I get told all the time to lose weight,” she admits. “I got that a month ago. It’s just weird. With my stuff recently, it’s been, ‘You have to be skin and bones or you’re not getting it.'”

Those who watch Pretty Little Liars online, or those who have seen any Ashley Benson picture, likely have their jaws on the floor right about now.

People have told Ashley Benson that she’s too fat?!?

Yup. More than once, apparently.

“It’s come up a few times in the last few years, like, ‘You’re too fat for this.’ And I’m just sitting here like, ‘Wait, what? Do you want a skeleton?'” she says.

Fortunately, Benson isn’t about to give in to these sexist morons.

“I feel good,” she concludes. “I don’t want to lose 20 pounds, because I don’t need to…

“There was a point where it was getting to where a size 2 was great. I’m a size 2, but I think that a size 4 is healthy. I think that all of these sizes are healthy.”

AMEN, Ashley. AMEN.