It was less than five months ago that no one thought he would survive.

Now, it looks like Lamar Odom may make a near-full recovery from his October 2015 overdose at a Nevada brothel.

At the time, sources told TMZ that Odom’s prognosis didn’t look good after he was rushed to the hospital.

A woman at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South found Odom unconscious in his room, and the manager saw “mucus-type liquid” coming out of Odom’s mouth and nose upon rolling him on his side.

The former NBA player had to be intubated, and his condition was listed as “critical,” while his heart was failing and his kidney and lung functions were in serious trouble.

During those first few weeks, Odom suffered 12 strokes, enough to damage his motor skills indefinitely.  When he finally did wake up from his coma, Odom was unable to recognize family members and could only speak a few works.

Now, Odom appears to have been given a new lease on life.  After beling released from Cedars Sinani Medical Center in Los Angeles, Khloe Kardashian moved him into a home in her gated community, where’s he being looked after.

“Lamar’s cognitive functions have significantly returned,” TMZ reports.  “He’s able to process thoughts, speak them and carry on conversations.”

Although he’s still “a bit slow,” Odom issues are not what they once were.  His memory will lapse from time to time and speaking can be an issue.  

Still, Odom’s hike with Khloe and Kim on Sunday is an indication that he is making huge strides in his recovery.

A source said that Odom’s goal is to not only run again, but to get back into the NBA.