Vanessa Hudgens said her final farewell to her father on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, the actress announced to fans that her dad, Greg, had lost his battle to cancer and passed away at the age of 65.

The death actually took place on the same day Hudgens was booked to perform on Fox as part of Grease! Live, Tweeting at the time that she would “do the show in his honor.”

The High School Musical alum then went ahead and made her father very proud, earning rave reviews for her portrayal of Rizzo.

Now, the actress has shared a few touching moments from her father’s memorial service on Snapchat.

In the first video, she used one of the app’s latest filters, one that gives the appearance of foggy glass.

When she blew a kiss, the words “I love you” appeared… and Hudgens then added “Dad” to the end of the sentence, as you can see above.

Secondly, also featured above, Vanessa posted a framed portrait of Greg donning his firefighter uniform in a photo that appears to be on display at her dad’s gravesite.

“Rest in peace daddy,” Hudgens wrote as a caption to this image on Instagram.

In her third and final Snapchat video, Vanessa showed people dancing and wrote, “This is how you celibate [sic] a life.” 

Three days prior to posting these videos, pictures and messages, Hudgens shared a quote via her Instagram page that read, “I wish heaven had visiting hours.”

She captioned it, “If only…”

We continue to send our condolences to Vanessa Hudgens and her loved ones.