Kylie Jenner and her overexposed butt are bringing mom jeans back, because it turns out that the secret to a great backside is… a wedgie.

When the lip kit guru first posted a pic of herself wearing these high-waisted jeans, we were all a bit perplexed.

A Kylie belfie is certainly nothing new, but in this case, it was just so much more fabric than we’re used to seeing on her, plus they were Levi’s and not Balmain.

Well, it turns out that she was shilling for the 162-year-old denim company, and much to its delight.

After posting these photos, Levi’s sold out of its “Wedgie Jeans,” a new cut designed to hug your cheeks and accentuate roundness, according to Us Weekly.

“Designers at Levi’s noticed that women were buying high-waisted denim one size smaller for a lifting effect on their derrieres,” reports the magazine. “Rather than have their customers uncomfortable in a too-tight pair, they came up with a flattering fix.”

The result: a pair of denim pants that ride up your butt? Sure, because who gives a damn about jeans being comfortable as long as your ass looks round and big.

Should’ve called them the “Sir Mix-a-lot” jeans.

But hey, if you’ve got Kylie Jenner posting them to Instagram it appears you could call them the “Cut Off Your Circulation and Give You Urinary Tract Infection” jeans and they’d probably still sell out.

We know of a few ladies who are excited.

This isn’t the first time this week we’ve seen a member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew suffer for beauty. Yesterday, Kylie’s big sister Kim posted a photo of her breasts covered in gaffer’s tape in order to create red carpet cleavage.