Kendra Wilkinson really needs her husband to be fondled over the shorts by a transgender model again.

How else will she remain in the news?!?

It’s clear the former Playboy centerfold and reality star is struggling with that question herself at the moment, considering her latest run of Instagram photos.

First, as posted above, Kendra shared your basic no makeup selfie with her 1.6 million social media followers.

That’s not so unusual. Plenty of celebrities before her have done the same.

But then Wilkinson went ahead and shared a picture of her armpits because… hey, it prompted us to write about her, didn’t it?

“IIIIIIIIIII….DDDDDDD….GGGGGG….AAAAAA….FFFFFF,” Kendra captioned this odd snapshot.

Because she just doesn’t care, people!

From here, Kendra posted a picture of her forehead because… again, how else can she make news at the moment?

“it’s my FOREHEAD!!!! Here’s a closer look at it if you need more understanding of it,” she wrote as a caption to this fascinating image, adding:

“Please feel free to measure it n take notes if u need. #5headproblems #imnotahuman #imaTValien.”

Kendra actually is not a TV alien because she has no show on at the moment, which goes a long way toward explaining why she’s posting random pictures and Tweeting about how badly she has to have a bowel moment.

No, really, she really did recently write about her bowels on Twitter.