Last week, we reported that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout had been accused of drinking while pregnant.

The allegations began to appear online shortly after Maci announced that she was pregnant with her third child in an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day.

Naturally, online shame-sleuths took that as their cue to start poring over Maci’s Instagram posts and recent episodes of Teen Mom to look for any indication that she’d behaved in an unhealthy fashion, because as far as we can tell, Teen Mom only exists so that the show’s audience can denigrate its stars.

Radar Online has collected some of the more vitriolic comments on Maci’s social media pages, and if you’ll allow us to save you the trouble of scrolling through the poor woman’s Twitter feed – people are pissed

“Every scene of @MaciBookoutMTV shows her drinking beer and she knows damn well she’s pregnant,” wrote one “fan.”

Another tweeted, “You are so busted on the episode around Christmas you were drinking a beer at the restaurant!”

Several Instagram followers insist that Maci is lying when she says she found out she was pregnant just a few days after her engagement to Taylor McKinney.

“There is no way someone that tiny didn’t know!!!,” a user commented on Instagram, as another posted, “There’s no way being 4 months at the time you wouldn’t know being pregnant in this episode.”

Who knew there were so many obstetricians trolling their way around social media?

We’re sure Maci is thrilled with all the free legal advice.