Tomorrow night on ABC, after many weeks of drama, tears and meltdowns, it is time for Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony at last.

Will he choose Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher – and is there a surprise twist in the mix? Well, The Bachelor spoilers say …

Obviously, Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher have both made it this far for a reason, and obviously, there is only one final rose.

The Bachelor openly admits that he is in love with both women. But how will it end for Higgins, and will Ben choose Lauren or Jojo?

Moreover, is there an additional jaw-dropper in store beyond Higgins’ final rose presentation – and the inevitable soul-crushing breakup?

WARNING: The Bachelor spoilers await. Obviously

Insiders confirm that both Lauren and Jojo will be introduced to Ben’s parents on the March 14 season finale of the ABC reality staple.

You don’t need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that the man of the hour will consult with his folks about his incredibly tough decision.

He will full-on AGONIZE over it, again and again.

Both girls will go on last chance dates with Ben as well, and you can bet your a$$ that these will be as romantic and intense as it gets.

Will the final dates be enough to clear his mind?

Doesn’t look like it. Previews show (or appear to show) Ben bidding farewell to a broken-hearted runner-up, without ID’ing her of course.

He looks like he may have made a mistake, or that he’s unsure of himself, or is just sad … or perhaps a little from Columns A, B and C.

The show’s writers and editors (yes, a reality show has both) want you to buy into narrative this, at least. But is there anything to it?

Fueling fan theories that something CRAZY is about to go down on the finale is a phone call Ben receives (or makes) at the 11th hour.

Specifics about this particular call are not clear, but the network (of course) teases that it could change everything. EVERYTHING.

Does Ben call his mom? One of the two finalists? Does he receive a new tidbit of information that potentially alters the course of history?

All we know is that the possibilities are endless.

Is Ben really going to pull a Jason Mesnick and change his mind? Or get dumped by his fiancee after his love for her rival was exposed?

At the end of the day … we don’t think so.

According to the Oracle of The Bachelor Spoilers, Reality Steve himself, the hype machine may be in overdrive, but that’s all it is: Hype.

Ben dumps one blindsided young woman, proposes to the other, they get engaged, and they are happy to this day. Or so we’re told.

As for which woman wins? Jojo Fletcher gets sent packing, while Lauren Bushnell receives the fairy tale proposal and Neil Lane ring.

Tomorrow night’s “After the Final Rose” special will answer all of these questions officially (and confirm Caila Quinn as The Bachelorette).

Until then … hit the comments and share your thoughts, predictions, guesses and theories as to what we can expect tomorrow evening.