Abby prepared to take on Cyrus after discovering a vital piece of information about him on Scandal Season 5 Episode 14.

Yup, she is now aware of his connection to Governor Vargas. So… what did she do about it?

Following desires to “slit his throat” and “bathe in his blood,” Abby brought her proof to the President, who needed a tad bit convincing that firing his Chief of Staff wouldn’t do more harm than good.

But once he did go through with the axing, Cyrus took it surprisingly well. A little to well?

What might be he plotting to do next?

We were left wondering about that question while Cyrus sat at home toward the end of this Scandal Season 5 installment and Abby clinked glasses with Fitz and Susan Ross in the Oval Office.

Elsewhere, Olivia’s relationship with Jake took yet another strange turn.

After failing in her attempt to spy on her shady ex in his apartment (because Jake is way too smart for that), Olivia resorted to an unorthodox method of coping: actually moving on.

“I miss you,” she told him. “That’s why I’ve been acting like this, with the cameras and the stalking. It’s because I miss you. … I’m so sorry, Jake.”

Olivia seemed to be pretty sincere, but then she realized that Jake was doing the same thing to Vanessa that he did to her many years ago.

But why?!? That’s the new question.

Huck, meanwhile, nearly killed his ex-wife new boyfriend, kidnapping him and bringing him out to the woods… before coming to the conclusion that he really did love Javi and Kim. He even ended up apologizing.

As for the fictionalized version of 2016 Presidential race? How did Scandal make it even nuttier than the real-life version?

By having Hollis Doyle – a “slimy, slithery, hell-raised son of a whore,” according to Mellie – enter the race, stealing Mellie’s tagline and announcement location in the process.

Does he really have a chance to win?

We want to say no, but… well… Donald Trump and all.

Who the heck knows anything anymore?