Justin Bieber has a couple pretty big problems these days.

And, for once, we’re not referring to the singer’s mop top of a hairstyle.

The artist surprised and disappointed supporters this week when he canceled all meet-and-greets, telling Instagram followers that he often ends up “drained and unhappy” after filling up with “other people’s spiritual energy” at these events.

Really, Justin said this.

In response, some fans lashed out at Bieber because they shelled out $2,000 to meet him backstage… and they would have to forfeit their concert tickets in order to get a refund.

Other fans, however, are simply concerned after the beloved singer.

He also wrote on Instagram on Monday that he becomes “mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression” after meeting up with attendees before or after a show.

As a result, these Beliebers want Justin to take a break. They have started to push the “CancelPurposeTour” hashtag as a message to the superstar.

“Justin for your sake if it is getting too much, #CancelPurposeTour!!!! I promise we won’t get mad, we want what’s best for you. We love you,” Tweeted @biebersmrss.


“I’d give my life not to see him suffer again, if this is what he needs then I understand.”

Yes, her life. Let no one ever say that Justin Bieber’s fans aren’t… passionate.

Bieber has 114 dates remaining on his tour and will next take to the stage tomorrow evening in Las Vegas.

We’ll keep readers apprised of his physical and emotional well-being, while continuing to speculate about his romantic status with Selena Gomez.