At just three months old, Saint West already owns many things that millions of adults would kill to get their hands on.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have toned down the extravagances a bit since the days of buying $50,000 diamond earrings for North (Or maybe they’ve just gotten better at hiding their ridiculous purchases.), but there’s no doubt that Kimye’s kids are still rocking some seriously high-end gear:

Those tiny tootsies belong to young master Saint and, yes, he’s rocking a pair of the latest Yeezys.

Photos of Saint have been few and far between, so it’s not surprising that Kim decided to keep the trend going by focusing on his kicks in this latest pic. 

It was a busy 48 hours for Mama Kim, who celebrated Sain’t first Easter and still found time to throw Chrissy Teigen a baby shower.

We guess those are the kind of baller, star-studded weekends that little Saint should get used to.

That part of being the Kimye child is no doubt pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, he’ll also have to get used to everything he does being plastered all over the Internet for his parents’ tens of millions of social media followers, and his mom waxing poetic about his “soul” on her reality show.

Don’t worry, kid. We’re guessing the good is gonna outweigh the bad.