If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that the new season on MTV hasn’t exactly been kind to cast member Leah Messer.

Last week’s premiere stirred up a tremendous amount of controversy due to a scene that appeared to show Leah denying her kids breakfast.

Messer proceeded to make the situation worse by taking to Twitter and describing her daughter as a “drama queen” for demanding to be fed.

Now, just as the scrutiny of her parenting was beginning to let up, Leah finds herself at the center of a new controversy.

Fans of the reality show and its 23-year-old West Virginia star are expressing their concerns about Messer’s sobriety on social media.

Leah struggled with a prescription pill addiction that was documented again and again in season six of Teen Mom 2.

She’s reportedly been clean and sober ever since she checked into rehab for undisclosed reasons last year, however.

On last night’s episode, however, Leah was shown complaining that she’s too tired to drive and asking a cousin to pick her daughters up.

Thus, many viewers speculated that she may be back on drugs.

Leah exacerbated concerns by complaining about her anxiety and difficulty coping with the demands of day-to-say life in a subsequent scene.

“I have a fear of the future and what it holds. I’m trying not to work myself up because that’s when my anxiety kicks in,” she said in a voice-over.

In all likelihood, Leah is just stressed and exhausted.

She would certainly have good reason to be. Still, it’s not hard to see why fans might think there’s something more going on …