The Cheebs has a spawn?

I don’t know if Jonathan Cheban was jonesin’ for some press and felt like planting a story, or if Radar Online was bored enough to play a game of “let’s randomly select a fringe celeb and give him a love child.”

Someone likely owed Cheban a favor, so here we are discussing the possibility that he fathered girlfriend Anat Popovsky’s son.

It’s a bit of a challenge to find out anything about Popovsky, other than she and Cheban met in Miami 2012, broke up in 2014 but then got back together in November 2015.

Popovsky has a seven-year-old son that Radar claims is a “dead ringer” for 42-year-old Cheban.

I don’t see it, but let’s continue.

“She and Cheban knew each other ‘for years,'” Radar alleges, “leading to speculation that the little boy could be his love child.”

I’d like to think my social stalking skills are sharp, but I am unable to locate anything beyond a hashtag for Popovsky.

The girl isn’t even featured on Cheban’s Instagram feed (which is fair, as Kim Kardashian and $400 burgers take precedence).

I’m going to assume that Cheban is selling the “big reveal” to a UK tabloid.  Headline reads: “Yes, I’m a Dad!  No, It’s Not Kim’s!”

Hah! Paternity jokes with your famous best friend are THE BEST.