On the one hand, Leah Messer takes a beating from Teen Mom 2 viewers and it makes you feel a little bad for her.

On the other, she does sh** like this that makes you forget those feels from just a moment ago.

On this week’s episode, Messer, 25, took her girls to the playground.  Fine.  A great day out.

Messer was more focused on her love life and her lunch to keep an eye on her kids.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship, I need time,” Messer told her friend.

“I’m focusing on my kids… I’m learning how to embrace struggles.”

As those words left her mouth, daughter Ali fell out of a swing, landing on her back and head (the six-year-old sufferse from muscular dystrophy).

Messer did rush over to the child as soon as the accident happened, but fans were ticked off because they didn’t think she was paying close attention.

“I know kids fall, but Leah definitely wasn’t watching them at the park,” one viewer wrote on social media.

“Ali fell so hard,” another pointed out.

“She [Leah] didn’t even check her head. She could of gotten a concussion. All she did was wipe off her back.”

To make matters even worse, 3-year-old Adalynn (Messer’s daughter with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert) was climbing to great heights on the jungle gym.

“Addi with NO SUPERVISION,” yet another viewer wrote, blasting Messer’s negligence.

The worst part?  Messer spent the episode claiming that she deserved 50/50 custody of her children.

“Leah isn’t capable of having those kids,” one more user tweeted.

“You do not have your s**t together.”