We have an update on the death of Prince.

According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, the iconic singer had Percocet in his system at the time of his unexpected passing on Thursday, April 21.

As previously detailed, Prince was found unconscious in an elevator at his home in Paisley Park last month.

Authorities announced his death within minutes of arriving on scene.

A source close to the official investigation tells the aforementioned newspaper that the prescription opiate painkiller was detected in the music legend’s body.

However, it’s important to note the following: 

Investigators do not yet know whether the presence of this Percocet played a role in his death.

They haven’t confirmed, either, whether, Prince had any kind of cocaine problem.

An autopsy for the artist has been completed, but no cause of death for the 57-year-old has been revealed as of this writing.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that a criminal probe is also underway.

That site also writes that Prince was taking Percocet, focusing on whether or not doctors were over-prescribing the drug to the star.

Law enforcement in Minnesota are allegedly looking into a trio of possible abuses:

Multiple doctors who overprescribed meds to the singer… aliases the artist and his doctors perhaps could have used… and multiple pharmacies that filled the prescriptions.

An earlier TMZ report claimed that Prince had prescriptions filled at least four times in the seven days prior to his death. That’s a lot.

Moreover, at least one of the pharmacies was 6.1 miles from his home, which was significantly farther away than eight other drug stores.

This would seem to back up the allegation that Prince was filling his prescription at numerous places.

Local authorities have enlisted the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the investigation.

The DEA will help determine the origin of the medication and what prescriptions the singer had obtained, according to the U.S. Attorney.