This is one of those stories were “you had to be there.”

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are trying for a baby, and they don’t care who knows it.

Actually, they want everyone to know it.

According to Radar Online, Chyna recently held an estate sale at her former home in Woodland Hills, CA.

A neighbor told the publication that Chyna put out “razors, body wash and sneakers,” as well as “tons and tons” of Clear Blue pregnancy tests.

“Some of the boxes were even open,” the neighbor said.

“It was definitely suspicious!”

Let’s backtrack for a moment and address the first three items: razors, body wash and sneakers.

Are some people into such paraphernalia?  Is Chyna so famous that her personal items count as collectibles?

Or is she just not into a particular brand anymore, and thought it better to try and sell rather than toss?

Getting back to the Clear Blue pregnancy tests that were open….WTF?  Does Chyna live in squalor?  

The Kardashian family feared that Rob proposed to Chyna because she was pregnant.

“Blac was desperately trying to get pregnant and the family fears she already might be,” a source told Radar back in April.

“They’re all scared that he proposed so quickly because he felt pressured because she could be pregnant.”

The Kardashians think Chyna “uses sex to manipulate men.”

Yeah, that’s one of our super powers as women.

“The family fears it was Blac’s plan to get pregnant all along,” the source added.

“She doesn’t really love Rob and it would be the ultimate payback to Kylie and the rest of the family for all the fights they’ve had.”

“Blac’s completely got Rob under her spell and the family hates it.”

Leaving pregnancy tests around one’s estate sale is a superbly insane way to get his family’s attention.

Well played, Chyna. Well played.