Mark Burnett is kind of loving the romance between his show’s two biggest stars.

Gwen Stefani may no longer be a judge on The Voice, but she still serves as a mentor to boyfriend Blake Shelton’s team.

And last night, Stefani and Shelton performed their new duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” which was nine kinds of awesome to watch.

Burnett is The Voice‘s showrunner, and having seen his fair share of reality shows (Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank), the Brit can safely say that romance is alive and well on his set.

“It’s great for us. We love them,” Burnett told Entertainment Tonight.

“I consider both Blake and Gwen separately to be very close friends, and both of them went through a lot.”

Both Shelton and Stefani announced separations from their respective spouses this past summer, and found solace in each other’s company when Stefani stepped in as a judge for Christina Aguilera.

“I was there in those dark moments because we were working together at the time, it was their private lives but it spills over,” Burnett recalled, whom ET noted got a little emotional while talking about it.

“And then I said to Blake and Gwen, ‘Imagine in your darkest moments if someone showed you a videotape of right now, the love you have, wouldn’t it be great?’

“And they’re both smiling. It would be great. They are so amazing, they’re amazing.”

Burnett denies playing match-maker (“not at all” he insisted when asked if he had anything to do with their relationship)

instead, he let true love take its course.

“This is life, they happened to bump into each other, which is great.”

Stefani gave a candid interview to the New York Times back in March, in which she describe how she fell for Shelton.

The country singer “had been going through literally the exact same thing in literally the exact same time frame,” Stefani explained.

We had anger, we had sadness, we had flirtation, we had sexy, and now we’re madly in love,” she said.

“Never in my wildest, craziest dreams would I ever have seen this coming.”