Earlier this week, we reported that Orlando Bloom was caught cheating on Katy Perry with none other than Selena Gomez.

We expected it to shape up into quite the love triangle.

Unfortunately for lovers of celebrity drama everywhere, it seems Katy Perry can’t be bothered, and has decided to wash her hands of the whole mess.

Katy has been radio silent in the days since the allegations surfaced, but last night she posted a tweet that seemed to sum up feelings on the subject of Orlando’s infidelity.

Katy wrote simply, “Is that all there is?” followed by a link to Peggy Lee’s classic anthem for folks with zero f–ks to give:

Is anyone else imagining Katy listening to this jam on repeat while polishing off a magnum of pinot noir and puffing on a cigarette?

We know Katy doesn’t smoke, but it really completes the picture, doesn’t it?

We took the post as something of an apathetic shrug – kind of Katy’s way of assuring fans that she’s moving on.

After all, Katy and Orlando just started dating in January.

Better to find out relatively early on that he’s a cheating D-bag, right?

However, some fans took the tweet as a sign of exhaustion and malaise from the usually upbeat singer.

Sadly, there’s a chance that their assessment is totally accurate.

After all, in the years since her divorce from Russell Brand, Katy has been involved with an endless parade of douches, most of whom have left her heartbroken.

Maybe this is her way of saying she’s starting to believe that’s all that’s out there.

Or maybe she was just feeling some throwback jams last night. Who knows!