Kanye West often makes little to no sense.

Case in point: this epic rant from his latest appearance on Ellen.

But when it comes to the alleged Kylie Jenner sex tape floating around the Internet, Kanye is making sure he’s as clear and straightforward as can be.

Are you listening, Tyga?

There’s been chatter for months that Kylie and her ex-boyfriend went all Kim Kardashian and Ray J with each other, filming themselves having intercourse.

With the relationship now over, some believe Tyga has already leaked the sex tape online, although that seems pretty hard to believe.

It would be the lead story on every single celebrity gossip blog out there if so.

Is there actually a Kylie Jenner sex tape? We don’t know. But would it really surprise anyone?

Does Tyga have it in his possession and is he set to sell it to the highest bidder? Again:

We don’t know. But would it really surprise anyone?

According to Hollywood Life, the answer to both questions is yes. Two people close to Kylie, however, are making sure she doesn’t follow in her half-sister’s viral footsteps.

First, there’s Kris Jenner.

“Kris has helped Tyga with several behind the scenes business deals and helped him secure a little capital for a few ventures. In her mind, he owes her,” a source says, adding:

“She’s been talking with him about this charade and she’s certain that no tape or cell phone video of Kylie in any uncompromising situation will see daylight.”

Then, there’s Kanye.

Few artists have more pull than West and an insider says he’ll use every weapon in his professional arsenal to ensure Tyga never released the Kylie sex tape.

“This sex tape scandal with Kylie and Tyga is getting under [Kanye’s] skin and he told Tyga that if such a tape exists or sees the light of day, Tyga might as well move out of Hollywood because he will be blacklisted,” this peron says.

“He told Tyga that he’d end his rap career and shut down all his clothing stores if he pulled some sh-t like that on his sister-in-law.

“It’s very personal for Kanye.”

West’s threat is understandable and not at all surprising.

The only surprising thing here is that anyone thinks Tyga actually has a rap career. Who knew?!?