What went down on Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 3? A whole lot of drama regarding Thanksgiving and much deeper issues, that’s what.

If you watch Sister Wives online, you know what the Browns have been going through lately, and if you know families in general, well …

Let’s just say the holidays have a unique way of bringing out the best – but also the worst, and the most dramatic – in just about everyone.

When you see Meri and Janelle Brown clash over Thanksgiving, in other words, you’re seeing the result of more deep seated issues.

The catfish scandal fallout is something that will likely play out on TV – and behind closed doors – for months if not years out in Nevada.

Still, in the wake of all that, there are signs of hope.

Focusing on Thanksgiving not long after the Browns’ therapy session was probably good timing, but the occasion meant its own stressors.

Meri and Janelle joined forces to create the elaborate place settings for the 70+ Thanksgiving dinner attendees … oh yes, seventy plus.

Janelle worked hard to accommodate Meri’s plans, and with a gracious attitude to boot, all in spite of their shared history with Kody.

No matter what she’s been through, Janelle seems to want a real friendship, even a deeper relationship, with her #1 sister wife, Meri.

Of all the Sister Wives, she’s the least likely to be thrown off by whatever drama Kody has going on, and the most likely to stay level-headed.

In a sense, she’s the glue keeping them together.

Most notably at all, Janelle took the time to express how thankful she is that Meri is with them for the holiday after all she’s been through.

That kind of selflessness can’t be ignored.

Bottom line: Janelle may not always feel like she gets adequate attention, or love, or whatever you want to call it from her fellow wives.

Instead of withdrawing, she goes out of her way to remind them just how much they mean to her and assure them that they’re in it together.

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