Maybe it was the KFC bucket?

Last week, a report claimed that Blake Shelton, 39, proposed to Gwen Stefani, 46, by hiding a $1.2 million Tiffany & Co. ring at the bottom of a KFC bucket.


Also, #greasegotallovertheTiffanyring

“Gwen was very touched, but said she had to wait to make sure it was right for the kids,” a source told Radar Online.

Translation: “Why the f*** did you put a million-dollar ring in a bucket of KFC?”

JK, I’m sure she thought it was adorable, BUT THERE ARE REAL FEARS TO TALK ABOUT HERE.

“Gwen fears their age will get in the way of long-term happiness,” a source told the tabloid of the couple’s 7-year age difference.

Not only that, but Stefani’s age could very well prevent her from giving Shelton a child.  Rhe No Doubt frontwoman already has three boys with ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

Because she’s a woman, and because a woman’s mind automatically goes right to the ex-wife and what made her different, Stefani is a little freaked out that she’s “14 years older than Blake’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert!”

Listen, sister – it’s not your fault he married a youth (no offense to Lambert.  She’s super.).

There’s also the issue of trust; Stefani was hit with rumor after rumor about Rossdale’s infidelities throughout their entire relationship.

“Gwen wants to trust Blake, but she fears it could come back and bite her,” the source said.

“She’s worried Blake won’t be happy in a marriage where he might never be a father.”

Perhaps these two lovebirds will take a page from their duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” and take a risk in the name of love!

Or they could approach a potential engagement like two grown adults and determine if marriage is something they could commit to forever.

Take the plunge, Gwen.  Your fans want you to be happy.