We’ve known for quite some time now that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s marriage is on the rocks.

The first sign that these two may be calling quits came when Kailyn and Javi unfollowed one another after publicly fighting about a sexually explicit photo he sent to another woman.

Shortly thereafter, Kailyn confirmed she and Javi are getting divorced in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, and based on her emotional response to the end of her marriage, it doesn’t seem like Marroquin has much of a chance of winning her back.

According to her statements in interviews and on social media, Kailyn Lowry feels “nothing” about her split from Javi Marroquin.

She’s tweeted that her focus remains on her education and her children and that she and Javi will work out a custody arrangement when he returns from his tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force.

But it wasn’t always that way:

In the above preview for the upcoming season finale of Teen Mom 2, it’s Javi who’s cutting off all attempts at reconciliation.

Kailyn, meanwhile, seems distraught over the prospect of breaking up – though we know she eventually came around to it.

The reason for the split?

Well, Javi might argue that it’s more complex than this, but it seems pretty clear he’s dropping Kailyn because she doesn’t want to have any more children:

“You don’t want to be with me because I don’t want to have any more kids?” Kailyn asks him point-blank.

“Well, that’s a big reason why,” Javi says. “I didn’t say I don’t want to be with you, I said we’re not going to work.”

Kailyn sees through the BS, responding:

“Right. So, we’re not going to work out because I don’t want to have any more children?”

“Right. And your excuse is bullsh-t,” Javi shoots back.

It’s then that Kail says exactly what every viewer at home is thinking:

“It’s about the fact that it’s so f–king hard to have two kids by myself and go to school.”

“And then imagine if I had a third kid! I want to be working full time when I graduate. I want to be working!”

Looks like Javi’s not the sensitive, empathetic soul we initially thought.

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