Text messages allegedly sent by Amber Heard to Johnny Depp’s assistant have been made public.

And they do not paint the actor in a very favorable light.

Originally shared by Entertainment Tonight, the texts were reportedly sent in 2014.

It’s unclear how they made their way online, although one could likely assume they were leaked by Heard’s camp in light of recently questions surrounding her claims of abuse.

Early last week, Heard filed for divorce from Depp.

She then asked the court for a restraining order against the actor because she says Depp recently threw an iPhone at her face.

Heard says this was the latest in a string of physical altercations.

Some critics have accused Heard of making up these allegations, even using them to blackmail Depp for spousal support, which has prompted Heard to provide further evidence of what transpired between her and her estranged husband.

The actress covers the latest issue of People Magazine, for example, providing the publication with photos that purport to prove Depp’s abuse.

Now, there are the following text message exchanges.

“When I told him he kicked you, he cried,” Depp’s assistant, Stephen Deuters, appears to have texted Heard in May 2014. “It was disgusting. And he knows it.”

Depp text 1

Heard responded that it wasn’t the first time Depp had behaved in ugly fashion.

“He’s done this many times before,” she writes, detailing past incidents as follows:

“Tokyo, the island, London (remember that?!), and I always stay. Always believe he’s going to get better . . . And then every 3 or so month [sic], I’m in the exact same position.”

Depp text 2

The screen shots of these text messages were sent to Entertainment Tonight, with an insider confirming they took place between Heard and Deuters.

They all focused on Heard mentioning incidents of assault and Deuters claiming Depp felt very badly about his actions.

“I don’t know how to be around him after what he did to me yesterday. I don’t know if I can stay with him,” Amber texts at one point.

Depp text 3

Heard also says Depp “has no idea what he did” in one of her messages, adding:

“If someone was truly honest with him about how bad it really was, he’d be appalled.”

Depp text 4

Might Heard be referencing heavy drinking or drug use by Depp here?

Implying that her then-husband was on some sort of substance when he got physical with his wife and legitimately wasn’t aware of what he did?

That’s no excuse, of course.

Expect plenty more to come out regarding this contentious relationship over the coming days and weeks.

It isn’t looking good for Depp at the moment.