Can we just go ahead and say that that no one is really dead on Game of Thrones?

Don’t get me wrong, the show is great and all, but having everyone return to the land of the living can get old super quick. 

The latest person to return from the dead is The Hound. As much as he is a fantastic character, it was perfectly clear that his new outlook on life (thanks to Ian McShane’s Ray) wasn’t going to last very long.  

The Hound is at his best when he’s making snarky comments to people. Ray seemed like he was going to be in the show for quite some time, but after helping The Hound come to terms with his new lease on life, he and the rest of the people in his group were brutally murdered.

All of this happened while The Hound was off cutting some wood. Note to self: Never leave anyone behind to go cut some wood!

The episode was actually pretty fitting. It showed us his rise back into the person we loved, but then it showed us poor little Arya Stark getting stabbed several times and thrown in a canal. At that moment, it became clear that the chances of these two ever reuniting are pretty slim. 

Arya was very stupid to just be looking out over that bridge and not looking around her. It was very obvious that the Waif was going to try and kill her. Arya secured her place on a boat, but right now it seems like she won’t be making it on to it.

Her storyline ended this week with her limping through the streets of Braavos with blood pouring out of her stomach. Sucks to be a Stark, right?!

Meanwhile, Jon, Sansa and Davos were doing the rounds to try and get a huge army to take on the Boltons, but they came across many hurdles. The little girl (Lyanna) who ruled Bear Island was freaking hilarious and it was pretty darn clear she could talk her way out of anything.

Both Jon and Sansa’s speeches floundered and made little sense, so good old Davos stepped up to the challenge and secured them sixty two soldiers. 

They were totally wondering if it was worth their efforts, but when there’s a war looming, you need to take the hand you’ve been given.

Their next stop was House Glover and that’s where Sansa reminded Lord Glover about his house’s allegiance to the Starks, but it didn’t help much. 

All of this resulted in Sansa writing a letter to someone as she grew more desperate to go after Ramsey for his crimes, but we don’t quite know who it was addressed to. My gut is telling me that it’s going to Little finger and he’ll probably help. Desperate times really do call for desperate measures in Westeros. 

Over in King’s Landing, Olenna made her frustrations clear to Margaery and the Septum, but she got a glimmer of hope when Margaery planted a picture on her that proved she was playing the Sparrow. It was something we all knew, but is Tommen in on the long con, too?

Olenna departed King’s Landing, but she threw a few zingers at Cersei before she left. She made it clear to Cersei that everything is her fault and that she has lost the power forever. Cersei obviously didn’t take this too well, but something tells me she has a plan up her sleeve to get back on top. 

There wasn’t a lot of Theon and Yara, but Yara’s one-liners were comedy gold. Yara was never a great character when she first appeared, but she’s been on fire this season and all of her scenes have been great. The two siblings agree to go after Daenerys and make a pact with her, but will they really be able to get the Queen on their side?

Will they even get near to her? The two of them should probably have a wash before they get there. You’d think with them always being near to water they’d actually use it.

The downfall of the Lannisters continued when Jaime made it to Riverrun and Brynden made it clear that he won’t be vacating the castle any time soon. It’s thrilling to see the Lannisters be totally ruined. Jaime was understandably pissed about the whole thing, but is he willing to wait the two years until Brynden and his team’s supplies run out?

Did anyone else want Jaime to slap the two Frey men silly? They’re responsible for the red wedding and seem to think that they are untouchable. No one is untouchable on this show. The two of them were freaking annoying and made me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. 

The episode did suffer from having too much going on. Would it hurt them to slow down a little? Arya literally had two minutes. That’s not enough for a character of that calibre. 

They could have easily trimmed some of The Hound’s return and gave us some goodies from elsewhere. It would be nice to get a return visit to Dorne to see what’s happening with Ellaria. It seems like she’s poised to become one of those forgotten characters.