Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian have sent a clear message to Kim Kardashian:

LOOK! We can get naked, too!

A few days after Kim went nude (again!) on the cover of GQ, both of her sisters went ahead and shared throwback photos of a time they both also donned their birthday suits.

While posing as mermaids.

Because of course, right?

First, Kourtney shared the following revealing photo on her official app, writing as a caption:

“We all love mermaids in our family, which is why we posed for this coffee table book that turned people into mermaids!

“I was pregnant with Mason when we did this shoot, which makes me love these images even more. I love our purple mermaid eye shadow and long mermaid hair (my hair was actually that long at the time!) we did for the shoot.

“Long live mermaids!”

Ummm… yes. Long live mermaids.

These images are NSFW, so please click on them to see uncensored versions.

Seemingly snapped way back in 2009, Khloe wrote the following about her throwback photo:

“These pictures have never seen the light of day! There was a coffee-table book we were supposed to be in, so we did this shoot, but unfortunately the book never happened.

“A bunch of celebrities did shoots for it. There were a couple of cute behind-the-scenes images, though.”

Wait, wait, wait…

There was a coffee table book centered on a bunch of celebrities posing like half-naked mermaids? And it didn’t get published?

What is wrong with you, book world?!?