Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown shared some exciting news: she’s engaged!

And from what we gather, there will be no other wives.

Mykelti, daughter of polygamist Kody Brown and sister wife Christine, announced she is set to tie the knot with her boyfriend of nine months, Antonio “Tony” Padron.

“Tony completes me in every way,” the bride-to-be tells Us Weekly. “He is an incredible man and together, I believe we are perfect.”

“I feel as if I’ve completed a puzzle with her and added superglue to keep it together forever!” added the future groom.

Padron says he asked for Kody’s permission before popping the question, and admits he was nervous.

“Kody is a man of large stature,” Padron, who works in banking, explained. 

But after spending time with the family over the months, he worked up the courage and says his future father-in-law was “overjoyed.”

However, mom Christine wasn’t sold so quickly.

“I didn’t know they were that serious. I thought that this was her play time,” the mom of six says in a Sister Wives clip shared with Us.

Yesterday, we shared a report that Christine and her three fellow sister wives were walking out on Kody, because who the hell wouldn’t?

Then again, we couldn’t figure out why they’d be there in the first place. Brainwashing? Low self-esteem? Oxycodon? 

Perhaps Christine just wants to make sure her 20-year-old daughter is making the right choice.

Padron proposed during a hike in their homeland of Utah, and he pulled out the ring at a rest spot near a waterfall.

“Tony got down on one knee and recited a poem he had written for me while opening a ring box,” Mykelti reveals. “It was such a beautiful ring. I said ‘yes’ with all my heart and I meant it!”

Mykelti is following in the footsteps of her half-sister Maddie Brown, who earlier this month married Caleb Brush.

Congrats to all!