Sometimes a report is so ridiculous that it has to be shared.

Kim Kardashian has lost the 60 lbs she gained while pregnant with son, Saint West.  

In fact, she’s working to lose twelve more pounds and trim down her hips and butt, two body parts mainly responsible for her meteoric rise to fame.

Kardashian is feeling so sexy that she’s allegedly starting to see her husband, Kanye West in a new light.

And that light is not kind.  In fact, its glare highlights West’s wobbly bits.

So, says OK! Magazine, which claims that Kardashian sees her hubby as a Before, not an After.

“She has finally confessed to hubby Kanye West she finds his portly moob-riddled body a total turn-off,” a source told the tabloid.

Because kicking people when they’re down is always a great motivational tactic, Kardashian’s comment forced West to look at the downward physical spiral he’s been on.

“Kanye’s devastated because it’s something he’s been paranoid about for years,” the source added.

“Kim’s really worried about his health and knew hitting his ego would be the only way to get through to him,” the source said of Kardashian’s criticisms.

“Kanye’s so unfit at the moment and gets out of breath just walking up the stairs at Kris’s.

“Kim’s tried everything to get him into a fitness routine, but he never sticks with it.”

Rather than slowly introduce healthy food and or building him up with words of encouragement, the source claims that Kardashian went right for the jugular:

She brought up her ex-boyfriend.

“She knew it was going to hurt him, but she straight up told him his body was a turn-off for her.”

“She even put the boot in by making sure he caught her watching Reggie Bush be interviewed on the Rich Eisen Show.”

West should read this story, because laughing apparently burns a lot of calories.