Big Brother is finally back for what appears to be the most twisted season yet. 

Julie introduced the houseguests and two of them happened to be related to former competitors. 

Both Paulie and Tiffany were dead ringers for their siblings, so Paulie came clean about it, but Tiffany kept quiet. 

Big Brother Premiere

Things took a turn when Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling appeared in the house. 

There was an immediate divide that put the former houseguests against the newbies. 

The newbies vowed to take the veterans out of the game. Nicole rallied the veterans together and told them that it is obvious they are huge targets and need to remain together. 

That’s when Julie revealed the twist that houseguests would be competing in teams this summer, with eachof them including a veteran. 

This sent shock waves through the new house before the first competition kicked off. 

All four groups had their own rocket they had to sit on to win the competition.

  • Team Big Sister (Da’vonne, Paul, Jozea and Zakiyah) were the first group out so they became have-nots. 
  • Team Category 4 (Frank, Michelle, Paulie and Bridgette) were next out and were given a mystery punishment. 
  • Team Freakazoid (Nicole, Corey, Tiffany and Glenn) were the third team to drop and won $10,000.
  • Team Unicorn (James, Natalie, Victor and Bronte) emerged victorious and are now safe from the first two eviction!

Both Nicole and Da’vonne were disappointed with their teams. Da’vonne felt there was a lack of communication and she felt she could benefit from a better team. 

Nicole was shocked that three of her team fell off at the start of the competition and left Corey to do all the work. 

Michelle managed to get Tiffany to reveal her relation to Vanessa, and they made a shock alliance with one another. 

In the diary room, Michelle noted that Vanessa was powerhouse last year, so she thinks keeping Tiffany in her good books is a good idea for her survival.

The next competition involved the unsafe groups fighting it out in a series of challenges.

  • Category 4 secured a win after the Freakazoids dropped their pyramid at the last second. 
  • Big Sister secured a victory in round two after the Freakazoids drop the ball again at the last second. 

This now means that the Freakazoids will have to compete on their own, with one of them being evicted tonight!

Nicole is upset that she’s only just back and is already in danger. Where is Hayden when she needs him? 

There’s also another big twist coming up tonight that will likely shake up the game again, but there is such a thing as too many twists so they will need to slow it down a little. Things are moving way too fast right now!