The Kardashians might be the reality stars most closely associated with the butt selfie or “belfie,” but some celebs have been showing off their asses since the days when Kim was just Paris Hilton’s Z-list friend/closet organizer.

Take Brandi Glanville for example.

The former Housewife posted the above pic over the weekend along with a caption reading:

“Drunken post! French cut is back! #ibizasuit ready to re-start my life! happy 4th”

We’d say that’s dramatic stuff for a bikini selfie, but Brandi admitted that she was drunk, and we all know that removing clothing and making overblown declarations always seem like good ideas when you’re hammered.

Not to be outdone, Brandi’s on-again, off-again rival posted her own bikini selfie, but while Brandi was prattling on about Ibiza and French cut swimwear, LeAnn Rimes was all about ‘Merica:

“Happy 4th! Happy Birthday America! #happyfourth #happyfourthofjuly #fourthofjuly #america,” she captioned the above pic.

Now, if any other stars posted butt photos on the same day, we’d chalk it up to coincidence.

But LeAnn’s obsession with Brandi is well-documented, so there’s a good chance this was no accident.

Then again, LeAnn posts butt selfies on a regular basis, so it’s possible she was inspired not by Brandi’s post, but by her own desire for more attention.

Tough to say for sure.

Last time we checked in on them, it looked as though Brandi and LeAnn had buried the hatchet, so maybe this isn’t a declaration of butt war.

Then again, LeAnn seems like the type who never fully gets over a grudge.

Hey, as long as the bikini selfies keep coming, we’re cool with her pettiness.