The people have spoken, and they think her words are as fake as several of her body parts.

Farrah Abraham has been trying very hard to connect with others after the shootings in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota made headlines.

“#HappySunday & all of our love & prayers go out to the families that were effected by the police, guns, protestors, riots, and all the hurt, confusion & lack of control,” she wrote.

“History I hope can stop repeating it’s self as we all strive to make a positive change for our futures. #rip #free #sunday.”

The Instagram featured a made-up Sophia Abraham donning a flower crown, looking straight at the camera without a trace of expression on her face.

The photo was likely taken from Sophia’s modeling portfolio, and followers smelled a rat.

“ROFL what the hell do [sic] your daughter have to do with this?!?! This bitch!,” one user wrote.

“How do you start with “Happy Sunday'”!!! And follow it by what she stated!!!” read another comment.

The thing is, nothing Abraham says or does ever feels sincere.  Whether she’s hawking a new product (furniture, frozen yogurt) or attempting to stand up for herself, it just feels so calculated.

And whenever she hits back at another celeb – Dr. Drew or Nicki Minaj, for example – it hits way below the belt.

The best part? Afterwards, she’ll turn around and say how disappointed she is in the sisterhood, and how sad it is that we ladies don’t support one another.

At last year’s MTV Movie Awards, Abraham said that she was “really disappointed in a woman acting like that.

“My God,” she went on.  There’s just been so many disappointments, not just with me but other public figures, other artists, and it’s just f–king shady to do that sh-t.”

Hokay Farrah.