Alliances in the Big Brother house are changing. 

With Paulie as HOH, it meant that the plan to take Frank out of the game would have have to wait for at least one more week. 

BB Frank and Michelle

Paulie is currently solid with Nicole, Corey, Zakiyah and Michelle, so there was no way he was putting either of them on the block. 

He was part of the plan last week to keep Tiffany in the game, but everyone who kept her regretted the decision. 

Frank found a way to get Tiffany on his side and the two enemies are now in cahoots with one another. 

This alliance obviously came out of nowhere, but it kind of makes sense. Who would expect those two to be working together?

Frank even done damage control with Da’vonne, but it’s clear that he’s still gunning for her. 

Paulie nominated Natalie and Tiffany for eviction. Tiffany is his target. 

He doesn’t trust a word she says, so he and his alliance agree that it’s time to target her and stick with it. 

Tiffany then won her first competition. Yes, the Road Kill!

After deliberating with Frank about who to put up, she went with Corey. 

This doesn’t come as a surprise because he’s a big player, but she kept her win quiet and it has the rest of the house wondering who could have won. 

Frank will no doubt use her win to his advantage further down the line. 

Corey informed Natalie that if he won the veto he would take her off so that the winner of the Road Kill didn’t have a say in who would be the replacement nominee.

Natalie was ecstatic, but would he really follow through with his plan?

Corey did win the veto, but we don’t know what he will do?

We’ll find out the answer on Monday. 

This has been a hugely entertaining weekend on the live feeds. 

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