Gavin Rossdale isn’t exactly thrilled that his boys are spending so much time with Blake Shelton.

To which I say, “Get over it.”

Shelton has been dating Gwen Stefani since November, about three months after she and Rossdale ended their 14-year union.

Since then, Shelton has gotten to now the former couple’s three boys – Kingston, 10, Zuma, 7 and Apollo, 2.  Stefani sometimes shares photos and video of him and her sons playing baseball or going on a hike.

This doesn’t sit well with Rossdale, but Shelton believes that with a little time (and a couple of libations), they could very well mend some broken fences.

A source told OK! Magazine, “Blake wants Gavin to know that he’s serious about Gwen and the kids but has no intention of replacing him as their dad.”

The Oklahoma native has come up with a solution that could work.

“He thinks the best way to hash it out is over a couple of beers.”

Stefani, who found out that Rossdale cheated on her with their nanny, “still hasn’t forgiven” him for “destroying their family,” the source said, “but she wants to keep her focus on healthy co-parenting.”

Back in May, Us Weekly reported that Rossdale called a one-on-one meeting with Stefani to discuss their custody situation and how her relationship with Shelton would affect the boys.

“[Gavin] wants to be consulted on everything concerning the kids and the role that Blake is playing in their lives,” a source told the magazine.

As far as some fans are concerned, Rossdale lost almost any right to be involved in Stefani’s life when he cheated on her.

“If I could, I would just tell you everything, and you would just be in shock,” Stefani teased the New York Times back in March.

“It’s a really good, juicy story.”

Stefani, though, wants to keep her kids protected, so opted instead to let people assume what they want about the demise of her marriage.