Kylie Jenner turns 19 years old on August 10.

But the reality star’s close friend, Jordyn Woods, couldn’t wait any longer to present her pal with the cutest gift in the history of gifts:

A PUPPY!!!!!!

Kylie announced this addition to her family via a series of Snapchat videos over the weekend, sharing one piece of footage after another of her brand new canine.

Her name is Penny and we can’t even handle her at the moment.

Just look at this face!

cute Kylie Jenner dog

On Saturday, Jordyn went over to Kylie’s house and surprised her with the precious pet, capturing her friend’s initial reaction to the puppy.

“mom duty,” Jenner wrote as a caption to one of the social media photos of Penny, causing us to wonder if she and Tyga really are thinking of having children.

Might that be why Woods got her friend a dog?

The Kylie Jenner pregnant rumors are incessant these days, after all.

And while the teenager continued to deny that her womb is filled with a human being, many folks out there do get pets a way to prepare for a baby.

We’re just saying.

Kylie, meanwhile, appears to have had a grand time partying with family and a few famous friends at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles over the weekend.

She spent most of her party cozying up to Tyga, however.

A few social media photos are floating around out there that depict Jenner and Tyga packing on the PDA at the event. To wit:

We’re guessing Kylie and Tyga did something dog-related themselves later that evening… and we aren’t talking about playing with the puppy!

We’re talking about the couple having sexual intercourse with Kylie bent over and Tyga inserting his penis into her vagina from behind, a maneuver known as doing someone “doggy style.”

That’s what what we were referring to with the comment above.