As previously reported, Amina Buddafly is pregnant with Peter Gunz’s 10th baby.

That is not a misprint.

Moreover, Amina Buddafly is about to give birth to Peter Gunz’s 10th baby… any minute now, probably!

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star shared a photo of her very large baby bump on Monday via Instagram, including with it a sweaty, weary and sleepy emoji.

Buddafly says she is officiallyl past her due date and expected to become a mother once again in the extremely near future.

“Past due…” Amina wrote simply as a caption to the following image:

Whenever the child arrives, this will be the second kid for the artist and estranged husband Peter Gunz; they welcomed daughter Cori Pankey in 2014.

Amina announced in April that the estranged is expecting another girl and that she will be named Bronx.

But theirs is not exactly an epic love story.

See, Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Tara Wallace, just gave birth to his son, Gunner Ethan, in February. 

You can go ahead and do the math, but it’s pretty clear that Peter had been having sex with both Wallace and Buddafly last year.

Those who watch Love & Hip Hop online are well aware that Gunz refers to his friends as the “Creep Squad” because they take pride in never treating their women with any respect.

They also take pride in their infidelity.

But Buddafly isn’t bothered by Peter’s womanizing ways, which is obviously part of the problem.

“There is one reason and one reason only why I got pregnant again,” she wrote as a pointed message to critics this spring.

“Actually there is no “I” in this, its “WE”! But since i am the one carrying: “I Got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love.”

That is how the whole science of pregnancy works, she’s right.

But Amina wasn’t finished.

“Now y’all can debate on why we did it until ya hair turns grey,” she added.

“I feel good knowing that WE know and you just ‘think’ you know… A baby does not keep a man and being spiteful does not make you a winner! This is not a game. This is my life…

“But No matter what the circumstances were and are, I now feel happy to be expecting again and even happier to know I have the best baby daddy I could ask for.

“@petergunz174 I love you 4ever and I will never be scared to show or say it because of people.”

Gunz, meanwhile, has claimed that he will soon get a vasectomy.

While millions around the world cheered this news, Buddafly chose to celebrate it in a different way.

She has made it clear that she intends to deliver the reality star’s final kid, which may also explain why she happily got herself knocked up again by Gunz.

And, look, whatever. Buddafly and Gunz can go back and forth as may times as they want. We really don’t care about them.

But there’s a child coming in to the world here.

We just pray she receives the love and attention she deserves.

She’s a person, after all, not some kind of prop.