Someone send Jon Gosselin on an Eat Pray Love retreat.

The former TLC reality star and unofficial Ed Hardy model hasn’t been in the best place since his brutal 2008 divorce from Kate Gosselin.

A month ago, one could’ve said that he was at a relatively good place in his life, with Jon working at T.G.I Friday’s and under the radar.

That was good while it lasted.

jon gosselin angry tweet tmz

Alas, TMZ ruined everything by outing him, a move that brought him unwanted attention (he claims) and made Gosselin quit.

To make matters worse, Jon donated his weekly check to charity (this was confirmed by the restaurant manager).

Jon is allowed to feel a little bitter.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon revealed what his life is like these days as a single dad. To make a long story short:

He doesn’t see his kids much. At all.

This might affect him more than he lets on, although from his recent spate of interviews, he’s starting to let on pretty overtly.

“Everybody used to come to my house,” Jon said of his eight kids – twins Maddie, Cara, and sextuplets Alexis, Hanna, Leah, Joel, Aaden and Collin.

“You know, it was great, and then Madelyn and Cara just stopped coming, around 12-13 [years old]. I didn’t question it.”

“I was just like, ‘Hey, do what you want, be with your friends’ and then it just became they’re not coming.”

The number of Gosselin visitors then dwindled to six.

“I was just focusing on the ones that did come and then a couple years went by and then Collin stopped coming.”

“I thought, maybe he just wants to do stuff with Mommy or whatever, and then it became long term.”

In fact, Collin and his dad haven’t seen each other in two years.  

Jon told ET that he hasn’t seen all eight of his children in one place in three or four years.   

“The kids that I do get are Hannah, Leah, Joel and Aaden. I guess the four have stuck together and said, ‘We’re going to Daddy’s and that’s it.'”

“And maybe they’ll raise a stink about it or something like that.”

“Sometimes I get Alexis but not often.”

As for his first-born daughters, Jon admitted that they’re not on speaking terms right now.

The fractured relationship Jon has with many of his children may stem from the non-existent one he has with Kate.

“I don’t really talk to my ex-wife, so it’s all kind of Helter Skelter,” Jon said. “I have my life and she has her life.”

“We have our life with our kids separately.”

“We don’t go anywhere together.”

Since his fame and family faded, Jon decided to leave reality TV to work odd jobs in between his DJ gigs.

“You know, I kind of walked away from everything so that my kids can have a life,” he said.

“So that they would be taken care of, in their house, and things wouldn’t change, because I knew I could survive.”

On July 26th, Jon issued a threat to the media via Twitter about protecting his family’s privacy above all else.

“In the future, don’t tag me in posts with my ex,” he tweeted. “It’s uncalled for and causes drama. 

“Please respect our children’s privacy as well, thank u.”

Not sure he’ll get his wish if he keeps talking to any celebrity news magazine or program who asks, but that’s neither here nor there.